How should you console a person?

In life, we all go through our own bit of lows and high. Sometimes we are capable enough to handle our downfall while the other times we face difficulties to do so. During times of turmoil, you might want to take help from a friend or even a family member you think you can confide in.

Not all of us are very open to our problems. We prefer handling things that come our way on our own rather than really asking for help. Definitely, as children, we are always seeking for help not feeling ashamed to do so, but as we grow into an adult we tend to feel like we will we perceived as a weak individual if we share our problems. We often also tend to hide away our woes, not wanting other people who care for us to be hurt or worried for what we might be going through.

When a person confides in you and tells you their difficulties it definitely indicates that you are worth enough according to them to hear them out and though not asked for, they deep down in their hearts will be looking for a consolation.

Here are a few ways you can use to console a friend in need:

  • I’m not that capable of taking away your pain but I can definitely be your shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to you.”

When a person is broken and hurt all they need is someone to hear them. As a matter of fact, they certainly know only they themselves can solve their problems but when they break down all they need if for you to listen to them.

  • You are a very strong individual and the way you are handling things in this difficult situation is great. I think I wouldn’t have been able to do as great as u are.”

Letting the person know that they are strong and capable boosts their self-esteem and confidence. This is something you want to hear when your feeling weak. Words like this definitely will motivate the person who is facing a turmoil.

  • “Come here, let me give you a hug”

If the person you know is an emotional person or is a very close friend of yours, a hug can work wonders. Hug has a great power to heal. You need not say anything but just this articulation of affection can do more that what words can.

  • It’s completely okay for you to feel low. It’s okay to cry and let your feelings out. It’s very normal for you to feel the way you are and it’s not different or unusual.”

We all are humans with emotions. We must allow the person hurt to know that it’s completely normal to cry. When the person feels comfortable is only when they will let their feeling out.The more invisible boundaries you create the less the person is him/herself. Let the person know he isn’t being judged.

  • NEVER SAY” I totally get it”

This is something they don’t want to hear. When troubled only you know you how you feel and what you might be going through. Saying you get it makes the person feel like you might either be trying to get rid of them maybe because you are too bored or you’re trying to mock them. In order to make the person feel better maybe allow them some private time or just some silence to feel what the do.

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